• Services

    Needed someone to look into your faulty instruments?

    From a simple hotplate stirrer to an AA Spectrophotometer.

    Call us with a brief description of the fault and we will provide a step by step fault finding solution, alternatively a service visit to verify the problem at your convenients.

    Call us at +(65) 6358 2502 or fax to us at +(65) 6358 2503 for all your instruments' breakdown and maintenance works.

    For Equipment Verification, Servicing or Preventive Maintenance, call us now!

    You may wish to send us an email at services@ctsi.com.sg with your name and contacts, maker and model of equipment, and a brief faults description.

    Or you may wish to try some basic trouble-shooting proceduce by calling us for the trouble-shooting guide.

  • We have had Hands-on experience or formal training on the following:

    - Edwands vacuum pumps
    - Nicolet FTIR systems
    - Coulter Scientific Instr
    - Herzog instruments
    - Alcor instruments
    - Sibata Scientific Instr
    - Stanhope-Seta Instr
    - Analis Petroleum Equip.

    For all others.....CALL US !